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Arguably Britain’s most successful independent acting tutor today, with over fifty years professional experience and an unbeatable output of long-term contract professional actors.

Scenes from Latest Internal Showcase 2010/2011
16's and under SHOWREEL


CONGRATULATIONS to Alan Halsall who has been crowned 'BEST MALE SOAP ACTOR' at the 2013 British Soap Awards in his role asTyrone on Coronation Street. He is also
National Telivision Awards WINNER
for Serial Drama Performance 2013.
He trained at David Johnson's

Nominated in the 2012 BAFTA's
Trained at David Johnson's from an early age
before returning to the adult classes before his professional career began.


David Johnson is arguably Britain's most successful independent Acting Tutor, declining to be part of an established training centre. He specialises in finding and nurturing new talent.

David works on a wholly practical basis via his own methods drawn from many years in 'the business.' He works on: acting skills, both improvisational and scripted, speech and voice work T.V. film and theatre script, audition technique, character study, emotional workshops and camera work and many other aproaches. His goal is to develop the 'fully-rounded' actor who should be able to sustain a career in an ever changing profession.

His experience is not just tutoring, but a lifetime background as professional director, casting director, tutor for professional stage, television and film touring director throught Britain and Europe. Alongside his tutoring he still maintains a small amount of professional work which keeps him up-to-date in all aspects of the business.

He works on an individual basis with each member but believes in group sessions to allow interaction, although groups are kept small to allow for personal work.

David Johnson is a Tutor not an Agent. However, on occasions he receives Casting Details for which he is happy to enter Members of his School who are not signed up with any Agent. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the Member's Signed Agent to enter their Clients as they think fit. For clarification please contact David directly on 07969 183 481.


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